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Our 7 marked slopes make you move in the area Silleren, Hahnenmoos and the village of Adelboden. Enjoy scooter riding on different routes and discover the fascinating combinations with hiking, cable cards and the bus. Children must at least be 8 years old and able to activate the brakes. With a scooter 1-day pass you can rent a scooter for the whole day. In this way you can use all slopes of different levels.

Rent stations: Sillerenbühl, Bergläger, Hahnenmoos, Geils

Scooter runs:
no. 1: Sillerenbühl - Bergläger / 5 km, 500 m of descent, medium
no. 2: Sillerenbühl - Aebi - Stiegelschwand - Dorf - Oey / 15 km, 750 m of descent, difficult
no. 3: Aebi - Gilbach - Rehärti - Dorf / 5 km, 100 m of descent, easy
no. 4: Sillerenbühl - Wendeplatte - Geils / 3 km, 100 m of descent, medium
no. 5: Hahnenmoos - Geils / 3 km, 250 m of descent, medium
no. 6: Geils - Bergläger / 6 km, 250 m of descent, medium
no. 7: Bergläger - Gilbach - Rehärti - Oey / 8 km, 200 m of descent, easy

 scooter 1-day pass CHF 18


Rules of conduct scooter

  • I don't drive without a helmet
  • I always give way to pedestrians
  • I don't make any races
  • Only 1 person per scooter (max. 100 kg)
  • I'm always aware of oncoming traffic and I'm able to stop within half range of vision
  • I respect the signs
  • I take care to scooter and helmet and will return them at the official points
  • I confirm that accidents are covered by my insurance and I accept that the Bergbahnen Adelboden AG declines each responsibility.

Summer 2017